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For individual projects, Telemitra is available to support you with planning, implementation, and ongoing optimization. Whether it’s with launching an ad campaign, redesigning or migrating your website, or another larger marketing project – we’re here to help.

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Paid Advertisments

Man wearing yellow shirt looks at phone with Google Ads open

Telemitra specializes in comprehensive ad campaigns designed around your business goals. We’ll work together to ensure that each campaign has well targeted messaging that properly aligns with the interim content pages as well as your offerings to ensure that overtime as many of the new leads acquired are the best fit possible. We manage campaigns across Google Ads PPC, Google Ads Remarketing and Display, and the various social media platforms as is appropriate for your needs.

Web Development Projects

Whether you are looking for a full redesign on your site or are looking to switch to another builder we’re here to help make the process as smooth as possible. Our team will work through planning, development, and launch phases alongside you to make sure that the end results of your design project are fully aligned with your expectations. In new design projects our team will perform a full review of your current content in addition to a competitive analysis to maintain alignment with your industry standards as well. All new websites also include preliminary Google Analytics set up and programming.

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Decades of Experience

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Illustration of Ariel Jasmine & Mike with a Telemitra flag

Leveraging our team's years of experience working with a variety of companies from Fortune 100s like Panasonic, and Honeywell, to many medium and small businesses - Telemitra provides  marketing and general business consulting that is focused on measurable results. We want to enable your team to take control of your marketing efforts following best practices and the most applicable technologies for your business. As a New Jersey family business, we are excited to welcome you into our community and provide tailored support to help you grow and thrive.

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How to Organically Grow Your Audience Over Time

How to Organically Grow Your Audience Over Time

One of things we hear so much from prospective clients is that they want to be able to put more effort into actions that will benefit their online presence, but don’t feel like they have enough time, especially to break down concepts that make no sense to them, like SEO (Or Search Engine Optimization).

How To Define Your Audience

How To Define Your Audience

The first step in any outbound communication will always be defining your audience. This step is essential for deciding how you are going to frame your content and what aspects you are going to emphasize in your communications. You must internalize this audience, or audiences in all of your outreach for consistency’s sake.

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