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Invest in Telemitra’s programs that focus on re-engaging your online audience, and diversifying your portfolio.

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Invest in a Partnership that gives you the freedom to expand your portfolio

Telemitra strives to deliver work to our clients that allows them to achieve their goals for growth. By using future proof technology and over 30+ years of industry experience, we provide the resources to give our clients the opportunity to market services in their portfolios that they may not have had success with in the past. Diversify your revenue stream with Telemitra’s Monthly Marketing Program.

How Our Marketing Support Can

Take You To New Heights

 We are living in a digital age where there is a world of untapped potential that can be reached by creating the right content to lead viewers to your business. Many companies struggle with making the time to generate this content, and that’s where Telemitra can help. Check out some stats on why having marketing support is important below:


Targeting users with content relevant to their position and buying process yields 72% conversion rate


48% of businesses say most of their leads require “long cycle” nurturing with many influencers


65% of businesses say generating traffic and leads is their biggest marketing challenge

Receive Campaign Materials for a New Vertical Every Quarter

Telemitra’s Monthly Marketing Program works to give you new resources each month by focusing on a new vertical each quarter. Materials delivered each month give you a new service to focus on with that quarter’s vertical, and gives you the opportunity to learn more about that vertical’s technology usage in addition to challenging your team to sell a new service. Joining Telemitra’s team allows you to be a part of our community and work towards building a strong monthly campaign with your team each month. 

If you don’t already have access to the services that we are helping to advertise, feel free to get in touch with our team to learn how we can help you to add those providers to your portfolio and earn commissions selling their services!

Sign Up Today For A Dedicated and Accessible Marketing Resource


  •  Paid Monthly
  • No contract commitment
  • Monthly Materials delivered digitally
  • Materials only available in active month
  • Files are customized for logo and colors by the client


  • Annual payment with
    20% discount
  • Monthly Materials delivered digitally
  • Materials only available in active month
  • Files are customized for logo and colors by the client

Each Month You Will Receive:

  • HTML Email (1)
  • Social Media Posts (8)
  • Blog (1)
  • Landing Page (1)
  • Email Review of Materials
  • Strategy Tips for the Month
  • 2-Page Flier (1)
  • Display Ads for Google Ads

Please note that all materials delivered are editable for customization to your brand’s visual imagery. Telemitra will not be responsible for changing logos or colors for your materials. An additional fee can be discussed if you need this service in addition to the base package. Any images included with your monthly delivered materials are licensed for use only as provided by Telemitra and can not be reused elsewhere. If there are additional needs for image use please discuss them with your Telemitra account manager.

Channel Success Program

If you would like a more tailored experience than the Monthly Marketing Program, you can join Telemitra’s Channel Success Program, a tailored campaign experience that allows you to invest in a risk-free venture that you don’t have to put as much overhead into. Telemitra will design a custom campaign around your existing customer base, and work to help them uncover potential areas of technology improvement for a split commission.

Branding & Website Projects

Telemitra accepts a limited number of branding and website development projects in order to help our clients either establish themselves as a new company or to refresh their branding for a new milestone in their business. Telemitra likes focusing on projects for non-profits and environmentally friendly companies, but if you are interested in working with Telemitra for comprehensive branding and web development including photography, videography, copy writing and logo design, contact a Telemitra Representative for more information!  

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