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5 ways to make group chats the best place at work


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Provider: Microsoft Teams

Category: Communications

Document Type: Blog

Title: 5 ways to make group chats the best place at work

Telemitra’s Overview

Business chat software and applications are considered essential tools of communication, collaboration, and connection. Team chat has many considerable features and benefits that will boost your teams’ productivity and connectivity, providing time- and money-saving solutions that shouldn’t be ignored.Here are five ways, provided by Microsoft 365 Teams, displaying how group chats can greatly benefit your company’s work ethic and conversations. 


Microsoft recognizes that disorganization among the workplace can be disheartening and at times can diminish productivity. Establishing a group chat within your workplace can assist in organization, such as lightening the load of unnecessary emails. About 75% of the emails in your folders will be lessened with team group chats, so only significant notifications and events will be sent to your mailbox.


Secondly, the group chat can become a remote workspace for your teams with quick access to key documents, the ability to explore data, and customizable features for notifications and updates. Moreover, Microsoft Teams gives your employees built-in access to popular tools like SharePoint, OneNote, and Skype for Business, which allows individuals to switch between chatting and video-calling within seconds. Additionally, unique features are offered as well, with emojis, stickers, and customizable features like a meme / macro-builder that adds a bit of fun to the work day. 


Next, Microsoft Teams ensures a mix of collaboration and security, meaning your important work documents are shared only with the people you want them to be. Choosing the best compliance system for your group chats will be the best way to ensure and maintain security. Conclusively, Microsoft Teams explains that “finding a solution that is already included in your Microsoft Office experience is a cost-effective and smart way to try out business chat”, which can reduce costs as well as give your teams access to other Microsoft features and applications, like Office 365 Business Essentials, Business Premium, and more! 


Delve into this case study to discover more of the features and benefits of integrating a group chat into your workplace! 


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