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There are so many different components that go into a cohesive marketing strategy and if your background isn’t in marketing it can be incredibly difficult to maintain the health of all of them, let alone keep up with new functionalities as they come out. If you’re looking for a way to get a baseline of how your marketing activities are performing, and what you need to do to get on top of them then you’re in the right place.


Content / Visibility


Paid Media

Social Media


Nonbinary individual helping teammate to review funnel

You know when you’ve generated a new lead through your marketing, but do you have visibility into what they were doing before then? Do you know what content they engaged with and where they went on your website or in your emails before they became a lead? Are your pages laid out to guide customers to the information that is relevant to them and finally to a strong conversion point? We’ll review your site, the design on your high performance pages, your current on site tracking, and the structure of your sales/nurture cadence if you have one set up to turn them into tools that can regularly inform your other marketing decisions.

Home Page Flow

Conversion Focused Landing Pages

Conversion/Event Tracking

Omnichannel Sales Cadence/ Call to Action / Nurture Planning

Nonbinary individual helping teammate to review funnel
Nonbinary individual enhancing their business visibility


Nonbinary individual enhancing their business visibility

Generating content is one of the most time intensive components in marketing, but it’s necessary to have some collateral bring in new viewers. Generating content that isn’t resulting in new leads is a huge drain on resources and can be avoided with proper planning and tracking. We’ll review your current base of content, its relevance to your targets, see how your tracking is set up, and provide actionable steps as to how you can better synchronize your content with your marketing objectives. In addition to this we’ll check out your local visibility, email security protocols, and any marketing automations you have set up to find gaps in their implementation.

Source / Conversion Tracking

Google Search Console

DKIM / SPF / DMARC Evaluation

Marketing Automation Evaluation


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Getting people to your site without paid advertising or generating referrals from other platforms is a long term strategy we all aspire for. We’ll do an audit on your content quality, technical SEO flaws, page security issues, and linking throughout your site to find quick ways to improve your online strategy and provide recommendations on things that can improve your traffic in the long term.

Content Quality

Technical SEO (Broken links / pages / other)

Security (Mixed Content, plugins, unsecured links)

Internal Linking / Cross Linking

Woman wearing shirt reviews business SEO scores

Social Media

Woman in yellow sweater reviews company social media

Social media can be a bit of a mystery to correctly leverage with constantly shifting algorithms and relevance of various platforms, but there are definite tactics you can employ to improve the performance of your content. We’ll look at what you are currently posting, the destinations of your posts, and what you are doing to improve engagement and visibility of your content to help you determine ways to make overall improvements. 

Activity Level

Internal Engagement

New Content (Blogs, culture, customer stories, hashtags)

External Engagement

Woman in yellow sweater reviews company social media

Future Engagement Options

After providing a regular analysis of your marketing strategy with our assessment, Telemitra can work with you on:

Coaching Engagement

Telemitra provides regular coaching, starting from high priority issues to building a prioritized marketing plan. As your organization grows, coaching can be customized to each team member.

Hybrid Engagement

Telemitra helps you address low hanging / high priority issues while empowering you or your team to do future tasks independently with ongoing support provided as needed.​

Jump Start Engagement

To provide the fastest improvement in core marketing, Telemitra quickly fixes all highest priority issues & low hanging fruit over a period of 30-90 days, before transitioning into a hybrid engagement.​

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Decades of Experience

Meet Your Telemitra Team


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Leveraging our team’s years of experience working with a variety of companies from Fortune 100s like Panasonic, and Honeywell, to many medium and small businesses – Telemitra provides  marketing and general business consulting that is focused on measurable results. We want to enable your team to take control of your marketing efforts following best practices and the most applicable technologies for your business. As a New Jersey family business, we are excited to welcome you into our community and provide tailored support to help you grow and thrive.

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