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Monthly Hosting Packages

As a note: If you don’t see where you fit into these categories, or are concerned that your website has too many pages and/or will cost more than you can afford, please contact our team as during the design process we may be able to produce fewer pages and stay within a smaller budget. Setup costs will be quoted according to the scope of the project with costs for a up to 5 page site starting at $499  in setup charges.


    • Design, host, and maintain your website
    • 1 Hour of editing time per month
    • SEO Incorporated Design
    • Google Maps Support
    • Maintain branding for 1 Social Media Account 
    • Standard Hosting
    • SSL certificate
    • 1 Business Email Account (Google or Microsoft)
    • Anti-Hacking/Spam Protection
    • Maintain Google Analytics


    • Everything Included in $149/mo  Package
    • 2 hours of prioritized editing time per month
    • Maintain branding for 2 Social Media Accounts
    • Premium Hosting
      • Up to 100,000 visitors/month
      • increased storage and server speeds
    • Up to 3 Business Email Accounts (Google or Microsoft)

    Custom Quote

    • Please contact us to learn more about developing a larger website or a site with ecommerce capabilities. We will work together to develop a custom quote for the initial setup costs and monthly hosting.


    Case Study: Goliath Technologies

    Google implemented an adjustment to how Search Engine rankings are calculated with the page speed and cumulative layout shift having a much greater impact on the overall page ranking. Goliath Technologies’ website was managed with an older technology builder and theme (Fusion/Avada), which was impacting page speeds.​ Telemitra rebuilt / updated the website theme and builder to Telemitra’s child theme across 825 pages and posts in order to improve Goliath Technologies’ base page speed and therefore improving the site’s performance on Google in the coming months.


    Telemitra was able to increase the overall page speed for the Goliath Technologies website simply performing the migration, and continued to optimize the content in the weeks after. The site was evaluated using the Screaming Frog SEO Tool, and showed significant improvement in score. 40% of the scores are over 50 (Previously 0%), and About 10% of the scores dropped below 10, which we prioritized as a focus of improvement post migration.


    Enterprise Level Hosting

    With both of our hosting platforms, you can enjoy maximum website performance and uptime. With our premium hosting platform, you have the highest level of speed, performance, and reliability available.

    Built with a User-Friendly WordPress Builder

    We use a customized theme and user friendly builder. This means you don’t ever have to feel trapped by us, and if you ever decide to switch after the contract term, the website belongs to you, and the program is intuitive and easy to learn even without a background in design.

    Search Engine Optimization

    To make sure that when people can find you easily on the web when using keywords related to your business, we include best practices for standard SEO to make sure you show up as often as possible. We use a host of professional tools to improve your ranking and work with you to develop content that can improve performance.

    Professional Security Tools

    We use professional tools to protect your website from hacking and malware. In addition, we provide SSL Certificates included with the price of our monthly charge and keep up to date with all security needs.

    Mobile Responsive

    We prioritize making sure that your website is accessible to all of your audience, many of whom will be using their mobile devices. We make sure that your website meets algorithm speed standards, and works on phones, tablets, and desktops.

    24/7 Priority Team Support

    Our team wants to provide the best results for your website and is available for working through emergency launches and support. We work closely with our clients to provide the best results and can provide consulting on best practices, and input reasonable changes to the website on a regular basis.

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