Complementary Cloud Consulting

Telemitra’s Cloud Consulting services won’t cost you a dime, but we can bring a whole world of benefits to your technology search. Read on to find out how we can still make our living while recommending only the absolute best match technology providers for your business.

Why don’t you charge your clients a fee for your services?

Telemitra signs contracts with providers to recommend their services in exchange for a commission. In this way, we are able to get paid by the provider instead of by our clients. And because we have deals with around 500 providers, we are not tied in any way to any one provider. Since our commissions last for the lifetime of your relationship with your new provider, it is entirely in our interests to make sure that you are with a provider that genuinely meets your needs rather than whichever one might offer a bigger commission. Our relationship with you goes beyond the day of the sale, and our team will be there making sure that everything is meeting your expectations.

What Service Providers Do You Work With?

We work with over 500 service providers. There are definitely providers that work better for some companies rather than other based on their unique needs, so having as many options as possible helps us to ensure that you are getting the best provider for your needs

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The Three Benefits of a Pure Cloud Broker

Expert Knowledge

Our team is uniquely positioned to recognize ways that different providers could make your day to day business practices easier and more efficient rather than you scouring the internet for a service that may not be the best fit. 

Negotiating with Providers

Telemitra has prior relationships with around 500 providers. Because of these personal relationships, it isn’t unusual for our team to be able to negotiate better deals or promotions to help you get started with a new technology investment

Ongoing Support

Telemitra works to ensure you are being taken care of every day after you sign on with a new provider that we connect you to, not just to your signing date. We support our clients by being the back end support that keeps your provider working for you.

Expert Knowledge

Telemitra has decades of collective knowledge on the technology that is commonly used in the industry, and receives new training consistently to stay current on any new services that could be beneficial to you or your company. We specialize in maintaining our expertise so that when a client describes their business practices we can already have a base idea of what kind of services could help them. Our background can save your team hours upon hours of internet searches that are less likely to lead to real results and solutions.

Negotiating with Providers

In addition to maintaining relevant and current knowledge on the industry, our team also strives to maintain strong communication and relationships with our providers. This means that it isn’t uncommon for them to be willing to provide us with extra promotions to help clients to get settled in a technology solution that will work for them. We can very often help to negotiate better rates, free months, or proof-of-concept tests to make sure that you’re going to be making a decision that you have confidence in.

Ongoing Support

While it isn’t uncommon for the involvement with what might seem like just another salesperson to end after the close of the sale, our team doesn’t leave you hanging with a new provider. We are present as much or as little as you need us and prefer to work consistently to make sure that you are happy with your new services. We all know that working with technology providers can be difficult when fulfilling support issues, but our multiple contacts into each company let us help you to escalate and resolve and issues to make sure your team stays happy and online.

Your Telemitra Team

Welcome to Telemitra, a Pitman South Jersey family and women-owned company dedicated to helping other businesses to grow. The concept of a pure cloud broker is still relatively unknown, but for us, our purpose is clear. We strive to give our clients what they need to succeed in a transition to new cloud services, and to ensure that their experience is as smooth as possible. Keep an eye out for our Telemitra Video Introduction to learn more about Telemitra and how we work to ensure client success.

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