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Alibaba Cloud

Cut down latency and deploy globally on Alibaba Cloud’s international network of 18 data center regions and 42 availability zones, including access to China under one single global account. Alibaba Cloud is committed to the highest levels of compliance including Germany’s C5 standard, PCI DSS for payments, HIPAA for healthcare, and the EU GDPR for data protection and privacy. Alibaba Cloud has broken competition records at Sort Benchmark in data sorting and has set new records in mitigating DDoS attacks and the processing volume of e-commerce transactions. Access China’s most advanced cloud network, including 1,000+ CDN nodes and 7 deployment regions, as well as dedicated ICP application and compliance support.  Alibaba Cloud is a business unit of Alibaba Group, which is traded on the NYSE under symbol BABA)

The Pulse of Digitalization

A business of Alibaba Group, one of the world’s largest e-commerce companies, Alibaba Cloud operates the network that powers Alibaba Group’s extensive online and mobile commerce ecosystem and sells a comprehensive suite of cloud computing services to support sellers and other third-party entities participating in this ecosystem.

  • Monitoring & Management
  • Analytics & Big Data
  • Security
  • Networking
  • Domains & Websites
  • Database Services
  • Storage & CDN
  • Elastic Computing
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