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Extenet Systems

ExteNet is a leading owner and provider of Distributed Networks in North America. We design, own and operate multi-carrier – often referred to as “neutral-host” – and multi-technology Distributed Networks to ensure multiple wireless service providers (WSPs) can provide their 3G and 4G LTE wireless voice and data services in the most effective and efficient manner in both Outdoor and Indoor settings. ExteNet creates a scalable network design utilizing its high-bandwidth fiber network to meet the network densification needs of the WSPs. ExteNet’s Outdoor Distributed Networks enable superior wireless service in a variety of densely occupied and heavily traveled urban, suburban and rural settings. The Indoor Distributed Network solutions are designed and deployed to improve the distribution and quality of wireless services available to occupants of several categories of venues and buildings including verticals such as Sports & Entertainment, Hospitality, Healthcare and Commercial Real Estate, to name a few. The purpose for the Distributed Networks remain ubiquitous wireless network coverage and enhanced bandwidth & capacity throughout these individual outdoor settings and indoor venues for all the WSPs signed up to be part of the multi-carrier Distributed Networks. Our headquarters is located in Lisle, IL – in Greater Chicago – where we also host our sophisticated 24×7 Network Operating Center (NOC).

Services Provided

As a leading independent provider of converged communication infrastructure and services in the United States, ExteNet focuses on value creation for our key stakeholders including customers, employees, and owners. Our strategy is customer-centered.

  • Data Center Connectivity
  • Edge and Managed Infrastructure
  • Dark Fiber and Lit
  • Mobility Network
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