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Five retailers show the way to smarter communications

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8x8 retail campaign touch 1 infographic - Consumers know what they want, and control when they buy Retailers either get the experience right or lose the customer Updating your technology increases efficiency and customer experience alike 97% of consumers feel valued by a company when their query is dealt with properly on the first call.5 60% of shoppers go directly to the product they are looking for when visiting a brand’s website or mobile app.3 82% of customers stop doing business with a company after a bad experience.4 To learn more, visit us at 8x8.com/retail 67% of retailers believe outdated technology systems cripple their ability to compete.8 Firms that combine contact center and business communications see 3 times greater improvement customer satisfaction and 2.4 times increase in revenue growth rate.9 67% 97% 3x 2.4x Put IT fears to rest with lower costs & easier administration across thousands of stores. Leveled-up by enhancing flexibility and data-driven insights. Found a made-to-order solution that reduced complexity & delivered 3-month return on investment. Drove better results with 35% monthly savings & improved customer insight & experience. Served up improved experiences by increased reliability & reducing costs 35% from previous VoIP provider. 60% 92% percent of first-time visitors to a website do not intend to make a purchase.3 Consumers are not just savvy, they’re practically experts Five retailers show the way to smarter communications Learn how they lowered costs while improving productivity and the customer experience While brick & mortar is still king, blending “phygital” is working 91% of retail sales still occur at physical locations.6 68% of consumers were satisfied with their experiences when ordering what they needed online and then picking those purchases up in-store.7 78% of online shoppers leverage other consumer opinions and reviews in their research.2 88% of consumers pre-research online before making a purchase either online or in-store.1 One system of engagement drives tangible business outcomes Adaptability Complexity 92% 78% 91% 68% 88% 82% Reliability Costs ROI = 3 months Complexity Revenue Costs Flexibility Insight 1PYMTS.com, “Consumers Are Increasingly Researching Purchases Online”, Jan 2018. 2Digitas LBI, Connected Commerce, Aug 2016. 3Episerver, Reimagining Commerce report, 2016. 4Mary Meeker, Internet Trends Report 2017. 58x8 UK Customer Survey, 2016. 6US Dept of Commerce, Feb 2018. 7PYMTS.com, “Consumers Are Increasingly Researching Purchases Online”, January 9, 2018. 8Daisygroup.com, IT Pain Points In Retail, 2016. 9Aberdeen, 2017

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Title: Five retailers show the way to smarter communications

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Consumers have an expertise when it comes to their retail experience- they know what they want, they understand what they’re looking for, and they realize which brands work and don’t work for them. 8×8, Inc. recognizes that consumers control when and what they’re buying. Moreover, not all first-time visitors to a website or retail location will be interested in making a purchase. Instead, they are more curious about investigating what they could be purchasing. Bad experiences in retail more than likely will tarnish the relationship between consumers and businesses. 8×8, Inc. believes that in order to ensure the success of this relationship, updated technology and engagement remains imperative. 8×8, Inc. empowers and encourages workforces to engage and connect with individuals and teams, ensuring faster and more efficient collaboration, while also promoting relationship-building between consumer and retailer.  

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