Framing Communications With Your Target Audience

Jasmine Timar

If you’ve already read through the last blog on defining your audience, you now have your priority range of individuals to focus on. If you haven’t you might want to go back and read that over again. The next step is to think about how you would position your organization in a way that it seems interesting and worthwhile to them. By focusing an audience and tailoring your messaging to that audience, you have a much better chance of building interest and engagement around your brand.

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Your Communication Goals

As you develop content, once you know who you are talking to, you need to consider what the goal of reaching them is. While yes, the end goal of most interactions is to reach a sale, there are many steps in between a first engagement and a sale, and those steps have to be catered to just as well to move prospects along the process. Generating materials to meet prospects at every stage of your interactions and focusing your efforts with clearly defined goals will save you a good deal of time and make sure your content is working as hard as it can.


Potential Communication Goals:

Provide education to something adjacent to your product / service: As the earliest stage of contact a new potential prospect, this is a very important stage of the process. To use a an example we can all relate to we can use this article to put this stage into perspective. My company is a marketing agency, and so we perform content generation and copy writing for our clients. While I’m not doing these same services for you the reader, I am trying to help you to be able to do them for yourself. And while perhaps you might not need my help with copy writing, maybe you’ll read another one of my article if this one was helpful to you and start to follow my content going forward. The end goal of this would be that somewhere down the line you would need to accomplish something that you weren’t able to learn from me in my writing, and would contract Telemitra to do services for you.


Create Brand awareness: If someone is just seeing your content in passing, another potential goal would be to just help people to have a better idea of what kinds of services or products your company does do. These aren’t trying to educate people in how to do something on their own, but rather helping to make sure people know everything you can offer them. So like I said in the last email we do copy writing and content generation for some clients, but we also offer a whole wide range of other management, marketing, and technology consulting services. In Telemitra’s general content generation – for example on social media we would need to make sure to mention all of those other services as well.


Promote an offering:

The last and most salesy kind of communications you could be working on is straight up promotions. I will say that you do want to go light on this type of content as if it’s the only material you’re putting out it can get overwhelmingly salesy and makes you look untrustworthy. Putting potential customers first with education and awareness is really the direction you want to be leaning, but some promotion is important to do. Save these for when the promotions are really valuable to potential clients. Offering a free consultation or a sample version of an experience or product are good ways to gain attention and still show your good will toward customers. One way that we would do a promotion would be to talk about why our EverSite program has attractive pricing – with a reasonable monthly cost you can also have monthly support and a low initial fee for setting up your website. And when you sign on for another two years of support, we include a refresh of your site without an additional set up fee. By making it all tailored to focus on the benefits to clients, it doesn’t feel as overwhelmingly sales driven.


Taking all of these factors in consideration will help you to choose how you’re phrasing your work. In educational content, you need to have as much jargon in your writing as needed. If you’re trying to provide guidance to experts, write with the language the experts use. If its something an every day person needs to understand, write in conversational tones and give as much detail as would be useful for them. Just always think about who’s reading this, why are they reading it, what could they take away from it, and what would be the next step that you’d want them to take in their journey to truly discovering what you have to offer.