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Goliath Technologies Improves Its Web Performance By 40%

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Goliath Technologies Improves Its Web Performance By 40%

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Google is implementing a periodic adjustment to how Search Engine rankings are calculated. From the next release, two significant changes are expected: the page speed and cumulative layout shift will have a much greater impact on the overall page ranking. Goliath Technologies’ website was managed with an older technology builder and theme (Fusion/Avada), which was impacting page speeds.​ Telemitra rebuilt / updated the website theme and builder to Telemitra’s child theme across 825 pages and posts in order to improve Goliath Technologies’ base page speed and therefore improving the site’s performance on Google in the coming months

“I’ve been involved with a number of migrations during my career, and this has been the fastest and smoothest migration that I have ever been a part of. Thank you to the Telemitra Team, for giving my company the headstart it needs!”
– Stacy Leidwinger, Goliath Technologies


Telemitra was able to increase in overall page speed for the Goliath Technologies website simply performing the migration, and continued to optimize the content in the weeks after. The site was evaluated using Screaming Frog SEO Tool, and showed significant improvement in score. 40% of the scores are over 50 (Previously 0%), and About 10% of the scores dropped below 10, which we prioritized as a focus of improvement post migration.

Common Questions About Our Web Performance Booster Solution

What is the Telemitra Upgrade Experience Like?

Our process begins with a series of discovery meetings in order to identify stylizations and wording for the site, and to develop an ideal customer flow throughout production. Once discovery meetings are completed, Telemitra will spend the first phase developing the layouts and media for the site. The second phase will be spent developing the site, and during the third our team will review and revise it according to your needs.

How Long Does Migration Take?

Our process time varies on the number of pages on your website that we will be migrating, as well as the time needed to prepare for the process itself. If your team is readily available enough to keep the process moving on a day-by-day basis our turnaround can be as little as 3 weeks.

Do I Need to Upgrade My Company's Website?

If you are ready to rethink how your website is designed, you may want to look into our EverSite Solution. But if you are happy with your website’s structure, but are still missing the mark in terms of performance issues or user engagement, our Web Performance Solution may be for you! 

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