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Grande Communications

We are a Texas ISP provider. Providing voice, data, and colocation. In this fast-paced digital economy, data networks are the backbone of business communications. Reliability, performance, and security are essential to the productivity of an enterprise. Service interruptions and bandwidth congestion lead to lost productivity and profitability. The demand for secure, reliable bandwidth continues to grow exponentially, driven by critical business systems, emerging applications, and consolidated voice and data solutions. Multi-location Private Ethernet Networks Many enterprises face challenges when deploying critical networking applications across multiple locations. Whether your business requires storage network access, disaster recovery backup, VoIP between company offices, or large file transfers, Grande has created Ethernet Wide Area Network (WAN) services that connect your corporate Local Area Networks (LANs). By leveraging the open Ethernet standards that IT managers trust, (i.e. Native Ethernet) you will be armed with an efficient and cost-effective solution that requires no new training or equipment. The traditional alternatives for connecting locations (DS-3s, ATM, or Frame Relay) are extremely limited in flexibility and cost. Our Metro Ethernet connection brings versatility that allows additional bandwidth to be provisioned quickly and transparently in one, five, and ten megabit increments.

Services Provided:

  • Custom Networks, Managed Services, and Video Solutions
  • SIP Trunks
  • SD-WAN
  • Hosted Voice
  • Business Class Internet
  • DIA
  • Wavelength
  • Ethernet
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