A low-profile upgrade
for a high-profile event.

“For many people, the image of Philadelphia is the view from the Parkway to the Museum of Art and its famous “Rocky Steps.” There were several challenges we had to overcome to ensure that our installation was unobtrusive and preserved this image.”

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If your organization is looking for large-scale connectivity solutions, then we would definitely recommend taking a look at Crown Castle’s case study for the City of Philadelphia!

 In preparation for the Pope visiting Philadelphia for the 2014 Meeting of Families, Crown Castle worked with the City of Philadelphia, including the Philadelphia Streets Department, the Parks Department, the Permitting Department, the Office of Emergency Management, Philadelphia Electric (PECO) and Philadelphia Gas Works (PGW), in addition to obtaining permits from the Pennsylvania State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO).

With all of the collaboration that they had and some well-designed solutions to reduce the visual impact of the wireless upgrade, Philadelphia was able to handle over 12.6 terabytes of data usage during the Pope’s visit. 

Telemitra is situated in this area, and it is honestly impressive that Crown Castle was able to tackle this solution the way that they did. Having seen the amount of people who attended this event first hand, knowing that all the people who attended were accomodated in their usage of data in the area is fascinating. Add on top of that that Crown Castle was able to do so while preserving the image of Philadelphia by making unobtrusive solutions work for the city is amazing! If you want to learn more, make sure to download the case study above today!