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Provider: RingCentral

Category: Leader Guide

Document Type: Ebook

Title: Moving to a Cloud Phone System & UCAAS

Telemitra’s Overview


Effective collaboration and communication technologies are more important than ever before, but the terms and varieties of options have only gotten more complicated. To help business leaders understand their options better, RingCentral has developed an ebook to explain exactly what the terms PBX, IP PBX, and UCaaS mean and how to know which is right for your business.

PBX, or public branch exchange, and IP PBX are responsible for utilizing a telephone switching system to manage incoming and outgoing calls for businesses’ internal users. While PBX shares trunklines and routing calls, IP PBX instead runs on internet protocol, which works with voice over IP and conventional landlines. UCaaS, however, offers a far more dependable platform for small and medium-sized companies.

RingCentral is the industry leader in cloud communications and collaboration with an open-source platform guaranteeing access to source code, open APIs, and SDKs so customers can create custom integrations. Also provided is a glossary of UCaaS and telephony terms to learn more about the tools that RingCentral and other cloud providers can deliver for your business. If you decide to switch to a cloud unified communication system, RingCentral will guide your company through the transition process while ensuring reliability, high-quality care, and integrative technological capabilities.

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