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8x8 retail campaign touch 3 - blog - For more information, call 1.877.837.8422 or visit vertical.com Fast Facts Retailers Unify Their Experience with Unified Communications By Russ Chadinha The New Wave of Personalization Yes, there are a few remaining retailers who offer this elite level of personalized service (like high-end retailer Barney’s, and some small boutique shops — if you visit them often enough). But largely, over the last couple of decades this concept has faded from the in-store shopping experience. The industry has pivoted from personalized to optimized, with a focus on efficiency and revenue per square foot (which often means fewer associates.) And, for a variety of reasons we’ll leave for another discussion, most of these changes have been necessary and positive. In today’s environment, it’s time to adjust one more time. Personalization has resurfaced in digital. And consumers are not only onboard with it, they’re willing to help create a better experience. In Accenture’s recent Pulse Check 2018 study, 83% of consumers said they were willing to share data in order to get a personalized experience, and a whopping 91% are more likely to shop with a brand that provides personalized offers and recommendations based on their shopping history. In addition, 48% of consumers stated that they have abandoned a retailer’s site due to poor curation of products, that is, not personalized enough. Imagine you walked into a store today and the first associate you spoke with not only knew your name, but also remembered the last time you were there and the products you purchased. Imagine that during today’s visit the associate also was able to recommend complementary products in your price range. “Impossible!” you say? Go back a few decades and you’ll find this was the retail experience. You went to the same store on a regular basis, and the same sales associate who had built a relationship with you during previous visits would provide personalized recommendations based on remembering what you like, how much you spend, and which new products are in your style. It’s true! Now, personalization does have its limits, namely where curation ends and creepiness begins. Around 40% of consumers stated they don’t like getting a text when they walk in or even walk by a store. Another 17% don’t like personalization because they didn’t knowingly share information with the retailer. Yet, as personalization becomes more commonplace, the majority of consumers are expected to warm up to it. 74% of consumers said they’d even be willing to adjust their profiles with brands to get more relevant offers and product recommendations. Imagine you walked into a store today and the first associate you spoke with not only knew your name, but also remembered the last time you were there and the products you purchased.

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Title: Retailers Unify Their Experience with Unified

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8×8, Inc. believes in fostering relationships between associate and customer, and that providing a personalized set of retail recommendations based on a consumer’s preferences is significant for the foundation of a successful retail relationship. Today, in-store shopping experiences have allowed for relationships to fade between customers and associates, causing for less significance to be placed on retail communications. Personalized communications has shifted to optimized communications, with society’s focus heavily laid upon efficiency and revenue. 8×8, Inc. acknowledges what consumers continue to favor: relevant offers, product recommendations, and a two-sided, mutually unified retail relationship. By collecting, prioritizing, and understanding the data in the context of the customer journey, retail businesses will benefit greatly. 8×8, Inc. values aligning resources with activity, aligning inventory with demand, and enhancing support for customers from contact centers and business communications.

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