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Since 1992, Retarus has been supporting companies in achieving highly efficient communication. The global information logistics provider always plays an important role where large amounts of data need to be transmitted securely and reliably––irrespective of which communication channels, interfaces, applications, and devices are required. The services are soundly based on a Global Delivery Network which includes the company’s own data centers in the USA, Europe, and the APAC region, as well as redundant carrier infrastructure.

Successful digitization, increased customer satisfaction, sustainable growth—companies reach their goals the quickest when people, machines, and applications work in perfect harmony. And reliable communication is vital for this. The better the exchange of information, the more efficient the processes. With this as the goal, Retarus steers the flow of information for major companies throughout the world.

The digital revolution is requiring international organizations to radically rethink their approach. They have to integrate new technologies, automate existing processes, and develop innovative business models. With communication always as the focus. Communication with customers, employees, and business partners. The key to a company’s success is the reliable flow of information. Even today, billions and billions of information packages are transported from point A to point B. Daily. And the number continues to grow. It is essential that every last bit of information arrives at its destination. At the right time. In the right place. And in the right format. We call this information logistics.

Email, fax, SMS, and EDI are the key channels for business communication. The exchange of information must not only rely on state-of-the-art technology, but it must also be able to continuously fulfill greater requirements in terms of security, compliance, and profitability. It takes a lot of experience to steer information flows at this level. And companies also need a global infrastructure with highly available data centers, state-of-the-art technologies, and innovative cloud messaging services. In short, an international turnstile for information flows. This is what we call the Retarus Global Delivery Network.

Our customers include about 20 percent of Dow Jones corporations, half of all EURO STOXX 50 companies and 75% of the DAX 30 companies. They include Adidas, Bayer, Continental, DHL, DZ BANK, Honda, Osram, Puma, Sixt, Sony, Thomas Cook, and many more.

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