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Live in Your Apps per year Disconnected apps, disconnected work. Wasted time at work costs billions of dollars a year. of workers waste up to 60 minutes a day navigating between apps find searching for information in dierent apps disruptive That’s up to 69% 56% 32 days DISCONNECTED APPS POSE SERIOUS CHALLENGES THE THREE DANGERS OF APP OVERLOAD To collaborate, integrate. From the ashes of a broken system, a unified experience shall arise. Amount of annual revenue believed to be lost because of poor integrations and lack of resources, according to 57% of respondents.* Up to $500K TOP FIVE BENEFITS OF AN INTEGRATED APPROACH POOR CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT Lack of integration with business apps leads to increased customer wait time Can’t retain sensitive data on employees, customers No analytics during or after calls to drive communication insights LOSS OF PRODUCTIVITY Dierent apps to call, message, meet Can’t automatically log calls No call history for IT POOR ROI Onboarding new apps is costly Cost to train teams on 1 2 3new apps achieve a better workflow 54% time savings 52% increased organization 51% better communication with colleagues 51% increased productivity 31% a feeling of control over work 67% be more productive 65% help work feel less chaotic 64% of workers want a single

Document Overview 

Provider: RingCentral

Category: Employee Productivity

Document Type: Ebook

Title: Managing Work-From-Home Contact Center Agents

Telemitra’s Overview

Having remote business capabilities is more essential now than ever before. When teams operate remotely, they tend to lose their interpersonal connections and the ability to tackle unified responsibilities within the company. Fortunately, RingCentral well equipped to assist customers with adapting to remote work environments by utilizing cloud capabilities to provide functional collaborative systems. Teams who are looking to ensure and stabilize the ways their business functions can rely on RingCentral to assure their cohesive collaborations, as well as their agent supervision and customer standpoint.

RingCentral’s system has many convenient connectivity functions for customers, including hardware, voice interaction handling, and network and desktop support. They also offer work-from-home best practices, workforce planning, back-office support, and script considerations, which are all aspects that are necessary to manage your company and network. In this document and their communications with us, RingCentral has always made it clear that they will continue to maneuver with a secure, practical workforce system that keeps their customers’ success in mind, even while working from their homes.

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