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Live in Your Apps per year Disconnected apps, disconnected work. Wasted time at work costs billions of dollars a year. of workers waste up to 60 minutes a day navigating between apps find searching for information in dierent apps disruptive That’s up to 69% 56% 32 days DISCONNECTED APPS POSE SERIOUS CHALLENGES THE THREE DANGERS OF APP OVERLOAD To collaborate, integrate. From the ashes of a broken system, a unified experience shall arise. Amount of annual revenue believed to be lost because of poor integrations and lack of resources, according to 57% of respondents.* Up to $500K TOP FIVE BENEFITS OF AN INTEGRATED APPROACH POOR CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT Lack of integration with business apps leads to increased customer wait time Can’t retain sensitive data on employees, customers No analytics during or after calls to drive communication insights LOSS OF PRODUCTIVITY Dierent apps to call, message, meet Can’t automatically log calls No call history for IT POOR ROI Onboarding new apps is costly Cost to train teams on 1 2 3new apps achieve a better workflow 54% time savings 52% increased organization 51% better communication with colleagues 51% increased productivity 31% a feeling of control over work 67% be more productive 65% help work feel less chaotic 64% of workers want a single

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Provider: RingCentral

Category: Employee Productivity

Document Type: Infographic

Title: Live in Your Apps

Telemitra’s Overview

Connections are significant in all relationships, both personal and professional. When organizations turn to apps that are supposed to unify their employees and form that connection, many are faced instead with multiple platforms that cause confusion and frustrations. To bring this issue to light, RingCentral provides its readers with significant statistics that showcase the dangers of adopting apps with multiple platform systems. RingCentral believes that disconnected apps lead to a disconnected workforce. When organizations utilize apps across multiple platforms, they are wasting work hours that could have been spent being productive instead of searching for information on different apps.

RingCentral’s solutions guarantee a unified application platform for businesses that can help workers achieve a successful workday of productivity and organization. By funneling in exchanges between employees and clients from various applications into one dashboard, your team can spend time on more pressing tasks than tracking down messages. In this Infographic, RingCentral highlights five benefits that will follow by using an integrated approach. These include: increased time savings and organization, better communication with colleagues, boosted productivity, and a stronger feeling of direction. RingCentral understands that effective collaboration and conversation are significant in ensuring your business’ success.

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