Contact Center Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

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Contact Center Disastery Recovery and Business Continuity Best Practices and Readiness Guide for Success

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Provider: RingCentral

Category: Leader Guide

Document Type: Whitepaper

Title: Contact Center Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Telemitra’s Overview

RingCentral acknowledges that communication is often the lifeblood and cause of the success of a business. However, when technological and digital errors occur within call centers, there is a disruption amid the communications, causing vital data loss and increasing the chances of dissatisfied customer feedback. Through RingCentral’s cloud contact center, disaster recovery and business continuity is ensured. With the key requirements needed to efficiently operate contact centers and provided by RingCentral’s technology platforms, contact centers will possess the right plan for their communication. Five key ways a cloud contact center ensures disaster recovery and business continuity are: assurance of uninterrupted operation, automation of continuity of operations, preserving the cost of redundant premises-based systems, cost-effectively backing up the infrastructure, and saving general costs. RingCentral’s services provide prevention of loss of employee collaboration and overall communication, while establishing an effective, efficient digital platform for disaster recovery contact centers. 

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