Spectrotel telecommunications services {Spectrotel is a full-service, nationwide telecommunications service provider based in Neptune, New Jersey. Spectrotel is simply your best choice to deliver and ...}

A leading national integrated solutions provider for Voice, Internet, Cloud & Managed Services


Spectrotel is a leading national integrated enterprise solutions provider specializing in the aggregation of Voice, Internet, Cloud, and Managed Services. From traditional voice and internet services to leading-edge converged network solutions, Spectrotel is simply your best choice to deliver and coordinate the best underlying communications infrastructures with unparalleled service and savings.

For more than 20 years Spectrotel has provided quality, affordable, personalized, and integrated communication services to enterprise and multi-location customers. Spectrotel delivers the versatility of any service, any carrier, any speed, at any location in order to provide a fully integrated and customizable enterprise solution that is flexible and scalable as technologies evolve and businesses expand.

The Sky is the limit with Spectrotel SD-WAN

As one of the fastest-growing and successful integrated solutions providers, Spectrotel is uniquely positioned to help identify and package a solution that meets the ever-changing and growing technological demands of today’s businesses. We are headquartered in Neptune, NJ.

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