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To Meet Gen Z, Retailers Must Join Their “Phygital” World


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8x8 Retail Campaign Blog For more information, call 1.877.837.8422 or visit vertical.com Fast Facts To Meet Gen Z, Retailers Must Join Their “Phygital” WorldBy Ciaran Doyle Maybe You Do Become Your Parents For the most part, Millennials are children of Baby Boomers, who constructed their own family and working models that fit their core values and good economic times, including independence, optimism, personal gratification, consumerism and equal opportunity. This combination of ambition and idealism was passed on to Millennials, who created a cohort that values diversity and tolerance, but also sociability, fun and competition. Gen Z adopted many of the different traits of their Gen X parents, who are more fiercely independent than Boomers, and more likely to be skeptical, nonconventional and informal, but also entrepreneurial and consensus builders. While most Gen Zers have yet to enter the workforce, early insights point to a generation marked by insecurity and instability. According to the New York Times, “Generation Z, by contrast, has had its eyes open from the beginning, coming along in the aftermath of those cataclysms in the era of the war on terror and the Great Recession.” This pragmatism rather than optimism leads them to seek change and follow the entrepreneurial mindset of their Gen X parents. Just as we’re getting over using “millennial” as a theme/punchline for everything from advertising to social research, here comes Gen Z with their categorically different perspective and behavior. To remain relevant to this emerging generation, retailers need to update their brand experience to one that is personalized, authentic, instantly accessible and consistent along the buyer journey. To take a step back, I recently attended the Retail Innovation Conference in New York City, and the topic Gen Z was more popular than Snapchat and avocado toast, as was the presentation on them by consumer behaviorist Ken Hughes. In his keynote, Hughes outlined the factors that make Gen Z tick, but just as important were two other considerations for their mindset: who their parents are and what exposure they’ve had to technology. The “Connected” Generation While Millennials were the first adopters of emerging technology, Gen Z was the first raised by technology. As Time put it, “Gen-Z is also the most diverse in American history, and the first made up people who don’t know a world without the Internet or smartphones.” Take a second to think about that. While Millennials can just barely recall a time before universal connectivity, Gen Z has never known it and instead sees instant access and availability as a given like electricity and running water. Even their first device, the iPhone for Gen Z, versus the iPod for Millenials, has shaped their views and interaction style as well, with one providing instantaneous access to a world of information and the other a fun way to hear your music. To remain relevant to this emerging generation, retailers need to update their brand experience to one that is personalized, authentic, instantly accessible and consistent along the buyer journey.

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Title: To Meet Gen Z, Retailers Must Join Their “Phygital” World

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Gen Z is the up and coming generation of young adults and adolescents who value genuine, authentic brands that offer a personalized experience for their consumers. This generation benefits from having exposure to new age technology, the type that allows for companies to personalize their marketing in a matter that engages with their customers. Gen Z is described as the “connected” generation, one that was raised by technology and held an immediate access to a world of information through the Internet. With no barriers placed between the physical and digital landscapes of the world, Gen Z adopts the two as a combined aspect. In this case, it’s imperative for retailers to adapt their behavior to appeal to younger consumers. 8×8, Inc. recognizes that companies must learn to shift their businesses in a matter that will urge Gen Z to purchase their products or services, while also comprehending the technological experiences and expertise that their audience has. 

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