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Top 5 Ways Data Centers Can Increase Data Security


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Title: Top 5 Ways Data Centers Can Increase Data Security

Telemitra’s Overview

“Given its intrinsic core value, maintaining the security of data is crucial for the success of any business” (Databank, 2020). Data centers house the most significant documents, information, and connection that allows your business to stay afloat. Of course it makes sense to want these data centers to hold the best security defenses in order to safeguard customer data and infrastructure. However, what are some ways in which your data center can increase its data security? 


    Look no further than this case study by Databank which details five ways in which they can ensure the security of your data center.


Physical Security 

Databank recognizes that the physical security of your data center is imperative to its protection. Through the deployment of multi-layered security access methods, including visual inspections from multiple 24-7 guard stations and video monitoring, as well as enabling restrictive physical access into the data centers, will ultimately act as utmost protection for your data centers. 


Maintaining Uptime 

Maintaining data centers and staying online is a large part of ensuring the capabilities of data security for businesses. What’s most significant is building a platform that will uphold connectivity of the data center’s online access and networks, which includes integrating a Tier III infrastructure classification that allows “data center operators to perform regular maintenance on power equipment and regularly test capacity and failover without interrupting ongoing operations.”  


Continuous Monitoring 

Databank ensures successful compliance and efficient audits, through the enablement of monitoring and management that allows for your higher-ups to review business processes and productivity, honing in on performance and effectiveness levels. By establishing helpful metrics for computing environments, reducing costs, and identifying points of IT equipment failure before they occur, Databank is guaranteed to provide your business with tools to effectively monitor your business.


Maintain Compliance and Control

The evaluation of compliance issues and features your company is imperative as well to the security of your data center.  By having viewing access to your company’s compliance features, you’ll be able to keep up-to-date with any security breaches or issues that may arise. Databank also will help your business “control colocation, private cloud, and public cloud, applying consistent security coverage and compliance to every one of these environments.” 


Access to Security Expertise

Having a connection to those who understand how to troubleshoot security issues is a significant leverage to ensuring your business’s data centers have top security. With the expertise of knowledgeable and highly skilled individuals, your security processes and technologies are gifted with reliable partnerships that work to protect your business-critical data and infrastructure. 


Read more about how you can improve your data security through this case study! 





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