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You Don’t Know If Your Marketing Activities Are Where They Should Be…

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If your business has a small marketing team, sometimes it can feel like you’re treading water just to cover the basics. Telemitra helps you identify problem areas that could be holding your efforts back, and turn them into easily trackable tasks and goals. We focus on helping your team to stay on top of those goals, provide coaching so they can learn how to take different actions, and provide support on issues that are out of your team’s reach to resolve.

Marketing Assessment

Identify areas of improvement with an assessment of your marketing activities to develop an action list your team can use to create measurable results.

1:1 Coaching

After a marketing assessment, you may choose to have one on one coaching to learn how to complete specific action items or hold you to making progress on your action list.

Marketing Support

If your marketing department needs support with tackling specific projects that require more technical skills or a larger team we’re always here to help.

Symitra Services

Technology & Business Support

Cloud Strategy & Execution

Symitra works to build solutions for your business and help match you to technology providers that can streamline your business practices. We operate as a pure Cloud Broker in order to give our clients expert advice and ongoing support throughout their relationship with our contracted providers.

Vendor Selection and Onboarding

Symitra’s team has decades of experience in companies of every size from small businesses to Fortune 100’s and is available to bring your company the support it needs to flourish.  Leverage our experience with selecting and onboarding your next cloud service.  We have agreements in place with hundreds of providers to meet your every need.

Servers and Equipment

As a hardware partner for a variety of vendors including Cisco, Palo Alto, Ping, Peplink, and others, we can assist you with finding the best hardware for your needs at the best price.  Give us a call today with your requirements.

Cellular Connectivity & IOT

Telemitra is proud to offer industry leading virtual SIM cellular internet connectivity.  Dynamically select the best carrier at for your connection, and switch automatically, all on a single data plan.  We also offer a range of low-cap IOT Sims and high-cap Sims for global use. 

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If you aren’t sure if an assessment or coaching are right for you or your team, feel free to take this short quiz first. It goes through some cursory questions about what marketing activities you are currently performing, how they are connected, and how well they represent your product or service. Based on the results, you can make a more informed decision on if you could use a full assessment!

Woman wearing a yellow sweater taking the Telemitra Marketing Assessment Quiz
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Decades of Experience

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Illustration of Ariel Jasmine & Mike with a Telemitra flag

Leveraging our team’s years of experience working with a variety of companies from Fortune 100s like Panasonic, and Honeywell, to many medium and small businesses – Telemitra provides  marketing and general business consulting that is focused on measurable results. We want to enable your team to take control of your marketing efforts following best practices and the most applicable technologies for your business. As a New Jersey family business, we are excited to welcome you into our community and provide tailored support to help you grow and thrive.

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